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HIV/ AIDS Orphans

Best Practices for the Care of HIV/AIDS Orphans

When we say practices and care, what really comes to your mind is holistic care. We other words, we are referring to the ATTENTION and PRACTICES of "caregiver" (mother, father, and sibling, child care providers) to provide the food, health care, stimulation, emotional, academic, shelter and spiritual SUPPORT necessary for children’s healthy survival, growth and development within a given environment.

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HIV/ AIDS Crisis, Sub-Sahara, Africa
Responding to Orphans of Pandemic

Recently, Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF, issues a warning that unless we take drastic steps to stop the HIV/ AIDS pandemic, the world will have a vast human catastrophe beyond what has ever been known in human history. She said the crisis in the south of the Sahara desert, amongst orphan children under the ages of 15yrs is growing and will be long term.

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