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-Paul Ndukwe (Rev.) International Executive Director
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Link International Ministries
Fall 2009 Ministry Update.

Outreach to Nigeria with Global Organization for Women Empowerment.

Our recent outreach to Nigeria is an example of success. The 3 days leadership training in Abuja with Global Organization for Women Empowerment was a huge success. Although, we never got the 200 participants we expected, we received 45 senior and junior executives’ participants that came from over ten federal government corporations. Amongst them were Youth leaders drawn from across the country, executives from the Christian Council of Nigeria (CAN), executives of other non-governmental organizations and business men and women.

We were able to publish part 1 of the leadership training manual (Instructor’s & Participant’s copies) that was used for the training and each participant received their own copy. Due to the number of courses and the course load work, we broke the training program into two parts. Part 2 of the training continues in March 2010.

The following are some of the comments we have received from the participants. “Little did I know that administrative management skills is not just a theory but very practical”. Another said, “These principles are life changing and I must confess that my leadership style will definitely change for the best.” Another said, “Where have you been all these years.” Yet, another said, “For Nigeria to change and adopt the servant leadership principles, our political and bureaucrats that manage and administer the system seriously need this training.”

We also gave away free reading glasses to many participants of the leadership training that needed the glasses. We long to enter into a partnership understanding with any organization or agency that felt they should avail themselves to such partnership. We would ask that you go to our leadership development section of our site. Should you be interested, contact us.

Paul Ndukwe (Rev.)
Executive Director, Link International Ministries