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From the Director Economic Agricultural and Rural Development
Link International Ministries.

My objective in life is to come up with strategies that will lead to development of the rural sector in my country. After my secondary school days, I enrolled to study Agricultural economics and extension with the aim of specializing in development planning and policy making. My long term plan is to go into sustainable rural development (policy making) in order to find solutions for ending hunger and poverty in developing countries. In order to achieve this it is important to work with organization that has similar vision and objective which will enable make my dream come true.

Working with Link International Ministries as a Director Economic Agricultural and Rural Development is dreams come true because they have the same vision and objective like I do in the area of helping the poor to help themselves in the terms of rural and agricultural development.
Links’ current project is to rehabilitate and resuscitate Abia state cashew plantation which has been depleted for years without function. This is an investment that should be providing income for numerous needy people within the state but has been there without functioning. The rehabilitation and revitalizing of this plantation will bring employment for the unemployed rural youth, empower women, create revenue for the state and bring development for people living around the area which will go a long way to improve the living standard of the Abia state populace.

I would invite interested partners in this project to contact me through e-mail or our Canadian address or office phone 778-552-4459.