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-Paul Ndukwe (Rev.) International Executive Director
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Link International Ministries
Spring 2015 Community Outreach in Nigeria.

Our spring 2015 Community Project in Nigeria was very successful. The first week was spent in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State with one of our partners, a Prof. in Industrial Mathematics of Ebonyi State University. Although a Professor he was very much committed in rural community development projects. He has a training Centre in Abakaliki were he trains Community Developers and sends them into the rural communities to work among the Izza and Izzi peoples groups. He has established primary schools among the rural people to educate the children of the poor farmers. He also has a scholarship scheme for young girls who have completed their first school leaving certificate program and would like to further their academic carriers as professionals in various fields of endeavors. Many young girls whose parents would have given away into marriage have been rescued through his community projects.

We held a week long church meetings also in Abakaliki with some churches within Ebonyi State. We saw God at work healing and restoring many broken relationships, opening many wombs and bringing many to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We were opportune to distribute clothes to some of the young people within the communities in Ebonyi State.

We spent over two months in Abia, Imo and Rivers States carrying out church programs, leadership training in administrative governance and entrepreneur business development for the young people. We have no doubt that the future for the Nigerian young people is as bright as the sun.

The highlight this spring project is the visit of one of our sponsors from Langley, BC. For the past 10 years, she has been sponsoring two children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS without meeting them for even a day. It was a joy seeing her meet with her children. She spent about two weeks with them bonding with them.

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Paul Ndukwe (Rev.)
Executive Director, Link International Ministries

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