Photos of Our Work:

- Training outreach programs for marginalized teenage girls, widows and single and married women.
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-Capacity Building workshop on Structural Repositioning of Academic and Moral Performance held at our Umuahia Training Institute.
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-Education Consultants at Global Christian Cyber University in South Korea.
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Purpose & Objectives

Our Purpose:

Link International Ministries is an interdenominational trans-denominational, non-profit, charitable Christian organization incorporated in British Columbia, Canada, as an evangelistic missionary sending ministry.

It engages in church planting, discipleship training, and rural development projects in Africa.

It emphasizes proper cross-cultural training and contextual research that helps in carrying out effective evangelistic mission.

Our fourfold aims are:

1. To proclaim the undiluted message of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ to all unreached people groups.

2. To act as an information clearing house and seek to work together with churches and Christian organizations to reach the masses for Christ.

3. To train the individual Christian in carrying out the work of the ministry.

4. To give the Western Christian the opportunity to share his/her skills and talents cross-culturally, and to participate in rural development projects designated by African church bodies.

Our Objectives:

1. Reaching the unreached people groups with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ - MK 16:15;

2. Training (African) national leaders in church planting and church growth - Matt. 28:19,20; Eph. 4:11-16

3. Linking Western Christians and (African) national leaders in evangelistic, discipleship and rural development projects;

4. Mobilizing zealous Christians for cross-cultural summer and short-term missionary endeavors;

5. Publishing cross-cultural evangelistic magazines, periodicals and books for educational purposes.

Our Ministry Strategy:

1. Evangelism:

Church Planting: Rather than reproducing a Western church, we encourage nationals to create a missionary church within their own context. Open Air Evangelism, Literature Evangelism, Friendship Evangelism, and Film and Media Evangelism are all methods we use in accomplishing our church planting goals.

2. Discipleship:

Church Growth: Training Christians to do the work of the ministry Conducting seminars, symposiums, and conferences on discipleship and cross-cultural communication. Publishing contextual discipleship and educational curriculums.

3. Rural Development:

Community Sustainable Development: Support national designed development projects such as rural clinics, water conservation, community agriculture, poultry breeding and fish farming.

Our Structure:

1. Our members must be born-again Christians who have completely abandoned themselves to the Lordship of Christ and confess Him as their Lord and Saviour (II Cor. 4:5). Such a believer may come from any nation, any racial or denominational background.

2. We place emphasis on indigenous, autonomous government for each field and sending base under the guidelines of the organization's principles and practice. Therefore, each new field, each new church, when duly established , has full control over its own affairs.

As the national church develops, decisions are made by both national and Western missionaries. However, responsibilities shifts as soon as possible to the national leaders, thus limiting outside control. Partnership principle must prevail over against paternal principle.

3. Our financial policy is based on a simple reliance on God. It is grounded in the individual's call and  commitment to trust God for the supply of every need. (Matt. 6:33; Phil. 4:11-13). Adherence to  these basic principles on finances enable the work to progress without regard to a budget. Those  on home outreach must trust God to supply their needs on the same basis as do their oversee counterparts. This ensures that all monies given to overseas outreach goes directly and fully to the person and purpose for which it was given.

The ministry is a "faith work" supported and dependent on the continued faithfulness of God's people. Financial needs are met through the interest and participation of churches and individuals Christians.

How can you Participate?

1. You may be the one the Lord wants to work with Link International Ministries in an overseas ministry or in the home (national) office. We invite you to take action immediately.

Needed are: Evangelism - Church Planting Workers,  Discipleship - Church Growth Workers, Administrators, Bible Teachers, Community Heath workers, Social Workers, Secretaries, Agronomists and Agriculturists.

2. You can be a prayer and financial supporter of Link International Ministries for a missionary and for his / her work.

3. You can support a project regularly.

4. You can arrange for a missionary or a representative of Link International Ministries to speak in your Sunday School, home / cell group, church, school / college or conference.

Take Action Now!
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