Trinity Western University Overview

Trinity Western University (TWU) stands out for its values-driven community, anchored by the Community Covenant. With diverse majors in humanities, business, science, and art, TWU offers pathways to careers in acting, journalism, music, and beyond. The university emphasizes close student-faculty interactions, fostering a vibrant community where residence life plays a pivotal role in individual and group development. Join TWU for a holistic education, where values, academics, and community converge.



Discover Trinity Western University

Trinity Western University (TWU), a top-ranked institution in Canada, invites you to embark on a transformative academic journey. Explore our prestigious rankings, diverse programs, and promising career paths. At TWU, student engagement is paramount, facilitated by effective teaching practices within a supportive environment. Discover the various pathways available for prospective students and learn about the application process. Hear firsthand from our president and graduates, who share their satisfaction with the exceptional educational experience at TWU. Join us at TWU, where excellence meets opportunity.


Certificate Program in Coaching and Facilitation Summary

Explore the dynamic Certificate Program in Coaching and Facilitation, designed to cultivate essential skills for planning group processes, leveraging technology for learning support, and creating participatory environments fostering critical and creative thinking. The program places a strong emphasis on honing effective communication skills, cross-cultural competency, and the creation of inclusive learning environments. Tailored for self-directed learners proficient in technology and experienced in facilitating learning across diverse contexts, the program is available in both traditional and online formats. Courses encompass adult education, culturally responsive communication, and the establishment of authentic learning communities. Engage in a practical application of acquired skills through a comprehensive practicum, enhancing your ability to apply theoretical knowledge in professional settings.



Master of Arts in Leadership Program Overview

Explore the Master of Arts in Leadership program, offering specializations in business, health, and education. Centered on transformational servant leadership, the program equips students with practical insights to lead with integrity, humility, and compassion. Choose between full-time or part-time options at either the Langley or Richmond campus. Program outcomes encompass qualifying for advanced executive leadership roles, professional development enhancement, and becoming a leadership expert in specific sectors. Tailor your experience with a Mandarin business specialization or a customizable general stream. Additionally, there's a post-graduate education certificate in leadership and facilitation for further specialization. Elevate your leadership journey with this comprehensive and customizable program.



Dual Track Master's Program Overview

Discover the innovative Dual Track Master's program, a collaborative effort between Trinity Western University (TWU) in Canada and Belhaven University (BU) in the USA. This unique opportunity allows students to earn two master's degrees in as little as 20 months, reducing costs by 30% compared to pursuing the degrees separately. The program blends in-class and online courses to provide a flexible learning experience. Admission requirements include a four-year undergraduate degree, three to five years of work experience, two references, a resumé or CV, and a compelling admissions statement. Elevate your academic journey with this accelerated and cost-effective dual-degree program.



Master of Arts in Leadership - Business Stream

Explore the Master of Arts in Leadership program with a specialized focus on the business stream, meticulously designed to equip professionals with the skills needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of the business sector. Admission requirements include a 4-year undergraduate degree, a 3.0 GPA, 1-3 years of work experience, two references, a resumé or CV, an admissions statement, and an interview. Delivered at the Richmond Campus, the program emphasizes the cultivation of a servant mindset, teaching participants how to construct effective teams in organizational environments that foster innovation, personal development, and sustainability. Elevate your leadership prowess and adaptability in the ever-evolving business realm with this comprehensive program.



MA in Leadership Program Overview (TWU)

Embark on a transformative journey with Trinity Western University's MA in Leadership program. This comprehensive offering requires a 3.0 GPA, a four-year undergraduate degree, three to five years of work experience, two references, a resumé or CV, and an admissions statement. Tailor your experience with flexible options—complete the program in 13 months full-time or two years part-time, with a mix of online and in-class or fully online formats. Tuition is set at $725 per credit hour for domestic students and $795 for international students. Immerse yourself in a curriculum focused on transformational servant- and values-based leadership, honing the skills needed for impactful leadership roles.



MA in Educational Studies - Special Education

Immerse yourself in the transformative MA in Educational Studies - Special Education program, designed to empower teachers to address the diverse needs of students with cognitive, social-emotional, and sensory differences. The program prerequisites include an undergraduate degree, a 3.0 GPA, eligibility for a teaching certification, two references, and a minimum of three years of teaching experience. Delivered part-time, the program spans two years with a total tuition of $23,800. Experience a flexible blend of online courses during the school year and on-campus sessions in the summer. The application deadline is ongoing, offering the flexibility to start your educational journey in July. Prepare to make a lasting impact on inclusive education.



TWU Master of Arts in Leadership Fee Structure

The fee structure for the TWU Master of Arts in Leadership program includes a tuition fee of approximately ₦2,883,090 (CAD $9,990), with a required advance tuition deposit of ₦229,286 (CAD $795). The per-credit tuition fee is also ₦229,286 (CAD $795), contributing to an estimated first-year tuition of ₦8,249,049 (CAD $28,622). Additionally, there is a mandatory medical insurance component, comprising an interim fee of ₦37,700 (CAD $130) and a monthly BC medical insurance fee of ₦21,825 (CAD $75). It's essential to note that these values are approximate conversions, and individuals should verify the current exchange rates for precise calculations.



Payment Instructions for Trinity Western University

To facilitate seamless transactions, Trinity Western University offers various payment options for both local and international students. For local students, payment can be made through their Canadian bank's website, and confirmation can be submitted by emailing a screenshot to the university. International students have the flexibility to choose from options such as bank transfers, Alipay, and debit/credit cards. To ensure accuracy, the document attached below guides you on how to track and confirm payments. Additionally, detailed instructions on sending payment details to the university are provided, ensuring a smooth and transparent payment process for all students.



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